Our Mission

We are focused on one goal – to help our members’ businesses grow and prosper. Dedicated to creating a level playing field for women-owned firms in the construction industry, WCOE is proud to represent large and small woman-owned firms as well as executive women in policy making positions with some of the largest corporations in the country.  

WCOE enjoys a prestigious reputation on Capitol Hill and uses that clout to advocate for issues important to women who have entered the construction industry.  Whether it is equal access to federal contracting opportunities, opposition to onerous federal regulatory burdens, support for expanding access to business financing, or participation in Congressional hearings, WCOE represents our members' business interests.

The Core Purpose of WCOE is:

  • To promote the role of women-owned businesses in the construction industry
  • To advance women in executive management positions within the industry
  • To provide resources to enhance the professional development of every member
  • To provide a network of executive women in the construction industry for peer-to-peer assistance and information
  • To monitor and pursue legislation advantageous to the business community in general and the construction industry in particular


About the Logo

WCOE's existence and purpose is symbolized in its logo, the Mobius Band. A one-sided surface created by turning one end of an elongated rectangle 180 degrees and affixing it to its other end, the Mobius Band depicts the interdependence and continuum of turning points in the lives of individuals and institutions. For WCOE, it symbolizes the changing direction of women in the construction industry. We have named our newsletter Turning Point as a reminder of our past and our future.


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