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Straight Talk: Damaging Delays

President Obama is delaying parts of the health care law. This poses several major problems. First, these delays introduce more uncertainty in an already uncertain economic environment for small businesses. Second, it’s unfair. Delaying some parts of the law, but not all of it, means Americans have to live up to their end of the requirements, even as the government doesn’t live up to its end. Third, the law itself gives the President no power to delay any of it, so the administration is now venturing into new territory by taking those decisions on itself.

Straight Talk: National Small Business Week

This is the 50th National Small Business Week, a time to recognize the importance of small firms to our nation. When small businesses see widespread growth, the benefits can be felt throughout the economy. The first President to recognize National Small Business Week, John F. Kennedy, described this philosophy when he said “a rising tide lifts all boats.” Small firms that are growing are more likely to consider expanding or investing in new equipment. They hire more people. And they create more tax revenue.

Straight Talk: Congressional Oversight, Bureaucratic Overreach

Congress has a crucial oversight role in the operations of the executive branch’s large federal bureaucracies. If they overstep their bounds, Congress has the constitutional obligation to rein them in. On May 31, Isent a letter to the new head of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to inquire if the tax collecting agency targeted any U.S. small businesses for political reasons.

Straight Talk: Pipeline to New Jobs

The Keystone XL Pipeline has been delayed by President Obama for 1,700 days. The delay prevents the creation of an estimated 42,100 new jobs, many of them with small businesses. The delay also prevents a means of strengthening our nation’s energy independence from some of the world’s most unreliable and dictatorial governments. And the delay prevents an opportunity to lower our energy costs.

Straight Talk: Red Tape: Rhetoric vs. Reality

Red tape is a sticky subject for the Obama administration. The rhetoric suggests a sincere effort to reduce the regulatory burden on small businesses. The reality is a steady rollout of new, costly regulations and a mild retrospective review process that has led to more discussion than action. According to The Heritage Foundation, the cost of major federal regulations increased by $70 billion  during the President’s first term.


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